Friday, June 3, 2011

Jobs, Jogs & Hot Sauce

It'll make sense, I promise.

Student Cooperative Association was the height of my senior year, as far as school goes. Becoming leader of the schools entire Community Service Sector was a huge responsibility, and I was downright proud of myself for living up to it. Slash, not just living up to it, I got awards for it. Yowza !

The people who I met through SCA really influenced how my year went. Without them, I could not have been the leader (technically I was called community service captain) that I became. They are (mostly) amazing people , and I'm super glad that I'm still friends with them. Though we all went our separate ways, it was awesome to reconnect tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings over a giant vat of hot sauce. So yes, for all you spicy food haters out there, hot sauce does have a beneficial effect. Haters gon' hate.

JOBS-- the only word I really don't want to think about this summer. I have put in at countless places, gotten a few calls back (I was hoping Eagle Scout would help, but it really hasn't so far. I know for a fact it will help me later in life though). One place that I'm really hoping will work out is the place where my little sister works (oh boy) called Plato's Closet : a sort of designer consignment shop. If it's in God's plan for me to work here, then it'll happen. If it's not, then I suppose I'll have to look elsewhere.

And the last topic (yes, I realize I went out of order from the title, I blame my ADHD (which I probably don't even really have, I'm just a spaz)), jogs. Ever since I was little, I was overweight. I struggled with my weight for years, and still do occasionally. I lost a good amount of weight my senior year, and it made me look a lot better physically, as well as helped me feel a little better about myself. However, I'm still nowhere near comfortable with my body, and although my friends tell me I have nothing to be embarrassed about, I'm still utterly ashamed of myself every time I remove my shirt in front of others.

So, what do I do about it? I'm starting the SUMMER OF SEXY. I'm so gonna do this.

I'm jogging at least two miles every day, and doing ab and push up exercises, in order so that next school year, I'll have something under my clothes (don't you dare even go there..) to be kinda proud of. I can do this, I know I can.


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